Tree and Shrub Care


spraying treesOur Green by Nature Organic-Based Tree & Shrub Care programs monitor your trees and shrubs to keep your landscape plants healthy, growing and free of insects and disease all year long. Programs are usually started in the spring and can be tailored to your landscapes specific needs. There are 3 levels of programs to choose from to meet your landscape needs while being budget-conscious.

Deep Root Feeding

Because tree and shrub roots are not at the surface, they require deep-root feeding to encourage root development, increase resistance to insects and disease, tolerance to drought and heat stress, winter hardiness and enhance foliage color. Our organic treatments include beneficial microorganisms as well as micronutrients to create the best growing environment possible for your plants. Healthy roots growing in organically-treated soil make for healthy, beautiful plants! All our tree and shrub care programs include deep root feeding in both the spring and fall.

Insect & Disease Control

Dormant oil is a non-toxic spray applied on deciduous trees, shrubs and evergreens in early spring before buds develop to control sucking and chewing insects while they are still dormant and before they can do any damage. Depending on the level of service, our specialists scout for insects and disease and apply preventive or curative treatments as necessary to protect your landscape plants throughout the growing season.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

As part of a complete maintenance program, our certified nursery technicians also remove diseased, non-productive or unwanted overgrowth to improve the beauty of the plant, control/direct plant growth, maintain the health of the plant or increase the yield or quality of flowers and fruits. Learn more about tree and shrub care and other landscape maintenance services.

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