Landscape Maintenance

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Ensure Your Landscape Always Looks Fantastic with a Maintenance Program

Although you have good intentions, we realize that for many, it is difficult to keep your landscape maintained. Be it a lack of knowledge, time or energy, landscape maintenance is a large task. We make your life easier by providing you with expert service, either at your request or as part of a regular schedule. As part of our landscape care program, we set up your services on a recurring annual schedule so you get priority scheduling and your landscaping gets just what it needs! The following is our standard landscape program.

Spring Landscape Cleanup

This service keeps your beds looking great and adds instant curb appeal and a sense of pride in your home and landscape for you. Depending of course on the needs of your individual landscape, this service typically includes weeding, pruning as needed, removal of all leaves and plant debris, creating a sharply defined, deep edge on the beds and installing an appropriate layer of fresh mulch. A thorough, professional Spring Cleanup service can set the tone to make sure your landscape looks its best all year!

Summer Landscape Visit

By summer, your landscaping needs a bit of refreshing and trimming. Our service includes thorough weeding, proper pruning by our certified nursery technicians, scouting for disease and insect problems, and any other special services your landscape may need. Having our team on your property during your plants most vulnerable season also gives you peace of mind.

Fall Cleanup

Once leaves start falling and plants are approaching dormancy, the landscape can start to look unkempt. Our team cleans up fallen leaves, cuts back perennials and grasses as appropriate, and prunes trees and shrubs to maintain a neat look going into winter.

Green by Nature Organic-Based Landscape Treatments

Using the same organic-based treatment approach as we use for your lawn care, we provide timely and effective landscape treatment programs that protect your trees and shrubs. Often overlooked, your trees and shrubs have additional needs that they can’t get from our disturbed soils or traditional synthetic programs.

Considered an inexpensive insurance policy for your valuable landscape assets, our programs will ward off damaging pests and disease while helping boost color, root density and vigor. As part of a treatment program, we will monitor your plants and alert you if additional action needs taken. A ProScape specialist can evaluate your landscape and recommend the program that is right for your landscaping.

  • ProScape continually surpasses our expectations. From the beginning, the ProScape team has been highly professional, credible, timely, and very friendly.

    Jennifer Bakewell, Property Manager, Jeg’s High Performance

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  • The day the crew cleaned the pavers, we couldn’t even believe it. We had forgotten how beautiful our pavers really were!

    The Marchetti's, Powell, Ohio

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  • We will highly recommend ProScape for the beautiful patio work!

    David & Joanie Worthen, Marion, Ohio

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  • A couple times when unforeseen issues arose, communication was prompt and the resolution was professional. We can finally love our outdoors!

    Cliff & Robin Larivey, New Albany, Ohio

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