Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape Lighting MaintenanceLandscape Lighting Maintenance Program

In addition to designing and installing landscape lighting systems, ProScape can also help you maintain and care for your landscape lighting investment so it performs like new for years.

Our comprehensive Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program is performed annually.

The following are the steps performed at each visit:

  • Inspect overall system.
  • Replace any defective parts covered by warranty.
  • Bury any exposed wire.
  • Remove lamps and clean socket contacts.
  • Clean fixtures and lenses.
  • Apply weather protectant to all exposed metal parts.
  • Apply corrosion preventative compound to all sockets and electrical contacts.
  • Replace lamps per schedule.
  • Adjust fixtures as necessary for maximum effect.
  • Inspect transformers, trip and reset all breakers.
  • Check transformer wire connections for snug fit.
  • Check transformers.
  • Check time clocks.
  • Inspect photocells.
  • Inspect all switching devices and ensure they are working properly.
  • Recommend repairs, improvements and additions to lighting system.

As you would expect, all of our service work will be completed in a professional manner, following standard industry practices. Additionally, all work is warranted against weather related damage to serviced items.

  • Our experience with the ProScape staff was very positive.

    Residential Client, Galena, Ohio

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  • The day the crew cleaned the pavers, we couldn’t even believe it. We had forgotten how beautiful our pavers really were!

    The Marchetti's, Powell, Ohio

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  • We so appreciated the professionalism, thoroughness and attention through the planning phases.

    Bob and Sandy Cramer, Marion, Ohio

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  • We will highly recommend ProScape for the beautiful patio work!

    David & Joanie Worthen, Marion, Ohio

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