Pergolas, Pavilions and Arbors

Cool & Comfortable Shade

It’s the middle of the afternoon and you aren’t able to enjoy your outdoor area. If your patio is on the south or west side of your house and there is not shade from trees or buildings, you should consider something for shade.

The afternoon and late day sun is going to be very intense and may keep you from enjoying your patio during the summer months. A pergola/arbor is a widely used structure to minimize sun exposure. Constructed from naturally rot resistant cedar or even vinyl, these structures will add character to your space as well as provide shade.

There are other options too. A pavilion, which has an actual roof, is more of an “all weather” structure when compared to a pergola. As with pergolas and arbors, a pavilion has different options for construction, from simple and rustic, to sleek and modern.

Sometimes clients don’t even need a pergola or arbor for the shade, but just like the look and want the structure for dimension or hanging a swing, plants, lights, or other décor. Whatever the case, we can help you seamlessly integrate a structure into an existing or new outdoor living area.

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