Worthen Residence

Worthen render (feature)

After attending a fun and informative ProScape presentation at their local garden club about adding hardscape elements to your property, David & Joanie Worthen got some new ideas for their backyard. They had a small, covered seating area that they really enjoyed, but they didn’t have any paved space that they could use for a patio table or grill. Also, Mrs. Worthen wanted some planters that she could use for growing herbs that didn’t strain her back from bending over. A nice curved shape and a seat wall were also on the wish list.

Worthen before

Our design team put together a plan, along with a 3-D render and video fly-through so they could evaluate the traffic flow of the area and how furniture would fit into the space. We also explored the possibility of a built-in water feature, fire pit, and full size pergola. Many of our clients tell us that they really have trouble imagining what an area is going to look like just from an overhead-view plan and that our 3-D renders remove all doubt and allow them to see exactly what the space will look like! In this case, through the 3-D process, our client decided that a moveable water feature and a chiminea would best serve their needs, and a small cedar arbor with built in flowerboxes would fit with the scale of their home.

Worthen duringOnce these design preferences were established, we went to work deciding on the exact material selections and colors, which included a couple of rounds of samples after looking at pictures in the product catalog. Just to be absolutely sure they would like the color combinations, we even provided some addresses of our previous installations with those colors, and the Worthen’s went on a field trip to check them out!

Once we finalized all the design and material details, we finalized the agreement, then performed the last step in our sales and solution process, called a Kickoff Meeting, which includes our Project Manager who oversees the job including personnel, procurement, and scheduling. Just to be sure we were all on the same page, we even painted out the patio area as a final check that it would be exactly what they wanted!

Worthen afterA few weeks later, the job started and was completed even more quickly than promised! The finished product was exactly what the client had imagined and looked just like the 3-D render! All the planning and details paid off with a space that fit their needs and expectations.

“We will highly recommend ProScape for the beautiful patio work! Thanks to your patience with working through the all the details, we couldn’t be more pleased! The crew was friendly, always on time, and they completed the project sooner than we expected!” –David & Joanie Worthen

We recognize investing in your home’s exterior appearance can be confusing and overwhelming. Let us help you navigate all the decisions and create the outdoors you love!