Paver Saver #1

Paver Saver #1 feature

When our Powell clients built their home in The Retreat neighborhood, they wanted the outside to look classic, yet unique. So it’s no wonder that even in the early 90s when they installed the driveway and front sidewalk, they chose interlocking concrete pavers, even though pavers were not nearly as popular then as they have become in recent years. Then in the early 2000s when they wanted to add a large patio and entertaining area in the back, they were able to add on additional pavers seamlessly. With nearly 6000 square feet of pavers, it’s a very distinctive property.

When we came on the scene, the pavers were still unique and classic looking, except with a buildup of 15-20 years of grime, mold, and mildew. The heavily wooded lot, while beautiful, keeps the paved areas very shaded which allowed mold and mildew to proliferate over the years. Also, most of the black plastic edging had heaved up out of the ground and some areas of pavers had settled. The sand had all been displaced from rain and hosing off through the years, and had been replaced with a healthy crop of weeds in many of the paver joints. The pavers just didn’t look nearly as good as they used to.

ps4After seeing a recommendation that a friend wrote on social media for our paver restoration services, they placed a call to ProScape. At our first meeting, the homeowners shared that they still loved their pavers, but were questioning if it was time to look at updating or replacement. After all, many of their neighbors were replacing concrete driveways or wooden decks that were the same age. They were so excited when I explained that there was another option…a way to restore the pavers to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement. I explained that pavers are incredibly long-lasting and that unlike wooden decks that rot or poured concrete that once it cracks cannot be repaired, pavers can be restored to literally be as good or better than they were 15 or 20 years ago!

ps5For 90% less than what it would have cost to replace their pavers, we applied our unique “Paver Saver” process. First, we used a specialized steam cleaner to remove decades of grime and mildew without harsh chemicals. These are actual pictures of this project! Next, we repaired the settled areas by properly installing and compacting new base material and replaced the heaved-up edging with a permanent, poured solution. Then we installed polymeric sand which sets up like grout after going through our curing process, thereby completely preventing weed growth in the joints! Finally, we applied a premium matte-finish sealer to the pavers which will protect the color, extend the life of the pavers, and prohibit mildew and mold growth on the paver surface. It was an amazing transformation!

We think you will agree that the before and after pictures of this Powell, Ohio client’s paver patio, paver sidewalk, and paver driveway, are almost unbelievable, but we assure you that the results are very typical! We have helped hundreds of homeowners in the Powell, Dublin, Westerville, Lewis Center, Delaware, and Galena areas restore their old pavers to like-new condition for 90-95% less than replacement!

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