Paver Saver #2


When our clients in Galena, Ohio called on us to evaluate their patio situation, we could tell that they were at their wit’s end. Their frustration and regret was evident as they walked us around their crumbling retaining walls and sunken pavers. Only one year old, their patio was not providing them with the fun and relaxation that they had hoped when they first had it built. You see, rather than calling a professional paver construction company like ProScape, they hired a family member who “had done patios before” to construct a three-tier, raised patio onto the back of their house. What they didn’t realize was that even though they purchased quality, attractive materials, without proper base preparation and skilled installation, the patio would not last. That’s exactly what happened. The patio was literally unsafe to walk across and they weren’t even able to use it at all.

PS2-1The good news was that the ProScape team had seen this situation many times before, and we have successfully repaired faulty installations to ensure they are attractive, usable, and long-lasting. We carefully and thoroughly evaluated the patio, including inspection of the type, depth, and level of compaction of the existing base material, slope of the property and existing patio, and other construction details like adhesives, joint sand, and edging restraint. We got a few different team members involved, including our Project Manager and Estimator, to ensure that the solution would solve all of the problems, while being as cost-effective as possible.

PS2-2We prepared a detailed proposal, outlining what needed to be done to ensure that our repair would be the last one this patio needed! The homeowners did have 3 other contractors evaluate the repair project, but ultimately decided that based upon our thorough approach and fair price, ProScape gave them the most confidence that the job would be done right and proceeded to sign an agreement with us.

PS2-3Our ProScape Paver Saver team came in and took up all the pavers, removed the inappropriate base, then installed the proper geotextile fabric and base material which was properly compacted to prevent future settling. We repaired sections of failing foundation wall, then properly capped the wall, rebuilt all of the steps so the risers were even and secure, then reinstalled all of the pavers. To further enhance the patio, we even added some seat walls! Even though we reused nearly all of the materials, it was almost like a new patio, and better yet, it was solid, safe, and backed by our 3 year craftsmanship warranty, just like a new patio!

PS2-4“We weren’t excited about having to spend money to rebuild our patio, but our experience with the ProScape staff, from initial meeting to the last day of the work, was very positive and we are finally enjoying our patio!”

The ProScape team has repaired and rebuilt dozens of paver patios, sidewalks, and driveways that were improperly installed by inexperienced, cut-rate contractors. Our team is certified by multiple national associations and we follow proper installation practices to ensure that you pavers are installed right the first time! Don’t let the lure of a “great deal” end up costing you in the long run. Let ProScape install your pavers to last a lifetime!