Jeg’s Corporate HQ

JEGS Corporate HQ

When we came onto the scene, Jennifer, the Facilities Manager for this sprawling 40 acre high-end commercial complex, had her hands full. Having just taken over management of this property a year prior, she was frustrated that the extensive care of the property was disjointed and communication with the multiple providers was poor. With over 1 million square feet of lawn, nearly 10 acres of paved surfaces, a large pond, dozens of beds and around one hundred trees, it is a large and challenging property.


Like many Property and Facility Managers, she had a lot of demands with other properties and projects to manage, so overseeing that contractors were doing what they should was not her only job! Between in-house staff and three different contractors, there was little continuity and the results were not optimal because the accountability was spread out. To top it all off, invoices from all the different vendors were confusing and inconsistent. Jennifer needed more than just service providers, she was looking for partners who would make suggestions and recommendations, along with proactively pointing out property needs so they could be efficiently and cost-effectively addressed…then doing what they said they would do!

jegs2The ProScape Sales & Solution team stepped in and explained that not only could we streamline the care of the property by providing all the services, we would see to it that they were performed to the ownership’s high level of expectation and that the billing structure was clean, concise, and predictable. But what really excited Jennifer was our Account Manager program. At ProScape, our Account Managers provide a single point of contact and manage the entire client experience. That includes overseeing the crews and ensuring the scope of service is being properly executed, providing additional recommendations and pointing out property concerns, and quite frankly…just making sure that Jennifer could focus on things other than overseeing the care of the landscaping.

jegs3Initially, Jeg’s elected to continue caring for a portion of the landscaping and the pond treatments, while ProScape took care of all other property maintenance items. However, after only a few months (and seeing how smoothly things were going), Jennifer and the ownership decided it was much easier and more cost effective to have us care for everything. Now, for a predictable monthly fee, our team meticulously maintains the lawn, trees, shrubs, and mulch beds, keeps the pond blue and algae free, regularly sweeps the parking lot, then in the winter, our team ensures that the extensive parking lots, truck docks, and sidewalks are clean and deiced to keep the Jeg’s customers, staff, and vendors safe.


If this story sounds like yours, give ProScape a call. We would love to sit down and discuss how our solutions can solve your pain and frustration.