Make It Green

What Does It Mean For You?


At ProScape, we understand our actions have a direct impact on the natural environment, as well as the quality of our customer’s lives.

We strive to take efforts to wisely conserve resources and also promote the products and services we provide that can benefit the health and well-being of our direct environments.

What Do Our Resource Conservation Efforts Include?

Use of proper vehicles and well-maintained equipment are part of our efforts. Our sales and management teams drive more fuel-efficient vehicles — the Honda Civic alone saves more than 1,100 gallons of fuel each year during the use of a pickup truck or SUV. Properly maintained and newer equipment technology saves fuel and emissions.

We purchase plants and products from local vendors to minimize freight. The overwhelming majority of our products are produced right here in central and north-central Ohio.

Our Green by Nature organic-based lawn and landscape treatments reduce our pesticide usage by up to 90 percent! We estimate that in a single year, by replacing traditional synthetic programs, we replace 28,000 pounds of nitrates, 7,000 pounds of phosphates and 16,800 ounces of pesticides with our organic components to give as good — or better — results!

Computerized routing and scheduling of multiple site maintenance services — allowing us to minimize driving and maximize operational effectiveness.

Use of recycled and organic products: Almost exclusively we use organic mulch, compost and soil amendments from locally composted yard waste and debris. All of our yard waste that we generate is sent to composting facilities for re-use.

Environmental Stewardship Through the Products We Install and Services We Provide

Plants and trees have obvious environmental benefits that are well documented, but many other items we can provide do as well. Having a healthy and well-maintained lawn has the benefits of erosion and runoff control, as well as the absorption of CO2 and production of oxygen.

recycleOther products and services we provide can have similar environmental benefits by promoting plant health and establishment.

We have converted our fleet to eco-friendly handheld power equipment that reduced emissions by 80 percent and cut fuel consumption by 30 percent. Our crews require powerful equipment to provide our customers with the best quality, and we are able to get this with considerably cleaner-burning equipment. (P.S. It’s also 80-percent quieter.) It’s a win-win.

We have converted our mower fleet to a cutting edge technology, which cuts fuel consumption and emissions by up to 30 percent. When you mow as much grass every week as we do, this really helps decrease our environmental impact.

Proper use of winter deicing materials is another factor. By using cutting-edge, computerized deicer tracking, we use just the right amount of deicing materials, which not only prevents excess chlorides from entering the water, but also saves our customers money. We also make substantial reductions with the latest equipment upgrades such as pre-wetting systems installed on all our salt trucks.

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